Monday, March 4, 2013

Love, Halwa and Recovery!

February was a month of mixed emotions, feelings and Love in Shafa Home, Kotdwar.  It brought the Valentine’s week and every resident was really excited. They made greeting cards and wrote their feelings for their families, their loved ones and for their teachers. One of the residents shared the story of St. Valentine and everyone was amazed to know about it. They all hugged each other and wished each other a Happy and Joyous Valentine’s Day.

One of the residents celebrated his 1st recovery birthday. As he shared his feelings, his grief and his wrong doings, everyone in the room was mum and listened to him as though they could visualize things happening in front of them.

Later, people enjoyed a nice dinner and delicious Halwa.

One of the residents also celebrated his 28th Wedding Anniversary, the day was full of love and surprise for him.

Residents really enjoyed the month as one of them went out with seniors for sightseeing in Kotdwar. The family enjoyed volley, dance, cultural gatherings and sessions conducted by Mr. Ranjan Dhar. Residents were really happy to learn more and more about life, about themselves and about the treatment. In all a fruitful month in RECOVERY.

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