Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shivratri has a different meaning at Shafa

On this Shivratri i.e. 20th February 2012, SHAFA broke the myth within the addicts that using mood altering substances can help them to attain Lord Shiva or achieve serenity. The myth which says that some drugs are prashad of Lord Shiva.
Residents decorated their surroundings with bright colours, they gathered to make preparations for the evening. They presented activities based on mythological stories, sayings, prayers and myths associated to this beautiful festival. They started with Shiv Vivah, marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. Then they performed a skit on how innocent Lord Shiva was, by performing “Bhasmasur”. Later, they performed a small play which conveyed how people or fake yogi’s and sadhu’s are misusing the name of Lord Shiva and selling drugs to the younger generation. In the end they did Aarti and prayed for a better life, peace of mind and serenity.
Everyone was happy to see that today they are not into addiction. They wanted to convey the truth to others that they cannot achieve Shiva by doing drugs or substances which slowly and gradually poison all aspects of their life. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wake up Dude.......... Its Valentine`s Day

Now, this is called treatment ... getting connected to the mainstream of the social environment. As addicts lose their emotional belongingness to the people or things around them, they tend to go deeper into their web of addiction, which they have woven around them.
Readers must be wondering as to what are we trying to convey, as it has no connection with Valentine’s Day ... Let us make it clear, what does an addict loose the most during his addiction days? His contact with his own self and his love for himself. He keeps piercing his own veins for injections, he vomits blood because of alcohol and still continues to consume alcohol ... then how do you expect him to love himself, how do we expect him to love his wife, children, girlfriend, pets, parents, job etc.
So here lies the connection -  celebrating Valentine’s Day does not only mean expressing your love for the beloved. It means expressing our love for everyone whom we love. And someone who cannot love himself cannot love anyone else. Hence, one should learn to love thyself first ... express this love for thyself ... celebrate this love for thyself.

This year the re-entry residents from SHAFA expressed and celebrated their love for themselves by watching a musical theatre. For the first time they were doing something for their own self. They were feeling good about themselves. They were amongst bigwigs of the creative industry, they were feeling a part of the mainstream of society. They were rubbing their shoulders with the so called “normal people” of this society. They were learning to adhere to their rules, mannerisms and learning to behave normally with them. They were very subtle in their behaviour, they were not loud and showed respect for others and themselves too.

This was their way of 'celebrating a new life and celebrating Valentine'.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finding New Ways To Know Thy Self

In continuation to her last session Dr. Neelam from Jamia University, New Delhi, visited SHAFA. Session started in the same style, as she asked one of the residents to sing a song, as an “Ice Breaking” exercise.

She asked the residents to gather at one side of the room and introduce themselves. The rule was that while introducing themselves they must speak about their limitations and then move on to other side, talking about the change that had happened while their stay in SHAFA. The group responded well, they could feel each other’s feelings and emotions through their words. The purpose of the session was to make them identify their various limitations and how to correct and handle them.

In the end she noted down the problems that can occur after the treatment and the steps to remember that can save them from those problems.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrating Differently

SHAFA believes in “Healing the Feeling”. On 9th February 2012 one of the residents of SHAFA celebrated his 38th biological birthday.

The staff of SHAFA had planned a surprise; they had invited his family on his birthday. They had arranged a cake and sweets for the residents and everyone present. He met his family which was very heart warming. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony.

The resident shared that he doesn’t even remember the last time he celebrated his birthday with his dear ones, his family and that too without addiction/ substance. Even the family members added that they are delighted to see him so happy and to see him to move on with his life.

Touching Another Milestone

On 11th February 2012, three residents of SHAFA entered the final stage of their treatment. They completed their three stages and stepped into their fourth Stage i.e. Follow up Stage.

The three were very happy and the residents could feel their joy.  This made them more excited and enthusiastic. Later they were introduced to the families of the residents, they shared their past, what they learnt from their present and what they have planned for their future. They shared their changes, their experiences and their learning’s in SHAFA. The family members present there asked them questions and cleared their doubts.

In the end all three were applauded with greetings and good wishes. They were given discharge bumps to wish them good luck and to make them remember what they have gone through and what they have learnt.

12 Years...... and still going strong

2nd February 2012, was a special day, as one of the few oldest graduates of SHAFA Mr. Pradeep Jain celebrated his 12th Recovery Birthday. All residents, staff and volunteers were exited to celebrate this day. They had decorated the house with colourful balloons, flowers and lights. Everyone was in a festive mood.

He was overwhelmed as warmth and love was showered on him by the residents, staff and volunteers. As he shared his past, present and the how SHAFA has always helped him throughout these years. He also described to the residents how beautiful life is today, without any mood altering substances.

On this occasion a small skit was presented by the residents to mark the day, followed by a cake cutting ceremony. The day ended with lot of hope, smiles and belief that life is beautiful. And that we need to learn how to enjoy with what we have today and with our dear ones.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lets Rock to A New Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shafa has always strived to make treatment effective. We innovated with “THEATRE” as a treatment modality and now “DANCE” was included to it. The aim was to make residents use dance as a form of expression. Dance also helps the resident to know themselves more clearly to stay in touch with their feelings. Two choreographers Ms. Neeta & Mr. Nipun visited SHAFA Home, Delhi on Sunday 29th Jan 2012. The session went on for 2 hrs. Residents were full of energy and seemed to be enjoying every move. Every corner of the hall was charged with energy. Residents were full of life. They seemed to be enjoying every second of it. Every one had a big smile on their face. It was their journey to another world, the real world, but not their world of fantasies. The fun ended with a promise to carry this new innovation ahead. It was decided that this dance workshop will continue in future too and will be included as a part of their treatment plan.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Mr. Neil Paul a renowned personality in the field of Stress anger management visited Shafa Home on 20th January, 2012. He conducted an interactive session with the residents, re-entry residents and staff on “Changing Habits” and explained it through slides and related these slides to the living ways and habits of an addict.

Different points of views were exchanged in between the participant and the speaker. This session helped in broadening the horizons of their thinking and also created an understanding between the participants and the speaker’s point of views who expressed their opinion freely during the session.

 The entire session helped in bridging the gap between the residents and staff, as he brought in few examples with  reference to the day to day living in a therapeutic setting, against the backdrop of today’s topic of discussion “Changing Habits”. His examples were very precise, like explaining of the fine line in between ego and self-pride; needs and desires etc.

 Most importantly this interaction gave hope to the new members and made them believe that they can do it, the way as their peers have treaded through the same path.