healing the feeling by feeling the healing

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Spiritual Rejuvenation By Pranic Healing In Kotdwar

On Tuesday 15th August 2014, three outreach members from the Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust of New Delhi travelled to Kotdwar, Uttarakhand to present a two hour session on Pranic Healing to our eager and attentive residents. As you are most likely aware the majority of our Pranic Healing sessions take place in our Delhi facility centre, however once a month our dedicated visiting practitioners take time out of their heaving schedule to travel 250km northeast to our Kotdwar centre to give our boys a chance to experience that same peace, power and positivity that has been bestowed upon the residents in Delhi.
 A warm welcome awaited Mr. Kishore Vij and his charming entourage who had gone to great effort to create a super interesting and highly explanative presentation about the spiritual science. The presentation was coupled with a short practical session in which our residents took part in two highly integral Pranic Healing practises called “Twin Heart Meditation” and “Super-Brain Yoga”.
The session kicked off with our Kotdwar crew getting to grips with the fundamental aspects of this age old practise. They learnt how the spiritual and bodily rejuvenation technique utilises prana (life energy a.k.a “the breath of life”) to heal the entire physical body. They even had the chance to have their energy bodies scanned for any potential blockages in their chakras. When chakras and nadis (meridians) become blocked then ailments and illnesses can occur. Luckily, auras scanned and chakras checked...the majority of our boys seemed to be hale and hearty!
The PowerPoint presentation went into great detail to explain how Pranic Healing can completely rid a person of their physical and psychological problems. Initially as the session started, many of our younger boys were puzzled and deeply cynical that this was even a real concept...Sending telepathic beams of energy at an invisible point on the body seemed daft. For all they knew it could have been a sugary delight too-good-to-be-true, stolen from the windowsill of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, sprinkled with some heady Eastern esoteric knowledge, heated up and served as an enticing spiritual pie. Rest assured, they took a bite of the Pranic Pie and quickly learnt that it was not just a figment of the overactive imagination! There was some sweet truth in the treat indeed. Kishore Ji emphatically told the boys how biological and psycho-spiritual studies have noted that the body’s supernatural ability to heal itself even when medical cures seems to lack effectiveness. The power of positive thought is the main force that permits this body and mind to regenerate in the way it does.  

Towards the end of the jam-packed session our residents encountered a blissful zen when they embarked on the thirty minute long “Twin-Heart Meditation”. This practise makes you as fit as a fiddle spiritually speaking and connects the spiritual aspirant to the Earth’s etheric ‘telephone network’ where they send and receive others’ positivity, good-will and love.   

All-in-all, residents gave encouraging feedback regarding the session. Many of our boys claimed to have experienced a tangible reduction in their stress levels and physical pain through the meditations undertaken. They also commented how the Pranic Healing sessions are a great addition to the SHAFA treatment programme and how they hope to see their continuation in the near future. Our warm thanks go to Mr. Kishore Vij and other members of the Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust for their ongoing time, dedication and effort with our Kotdwar residents.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sending Out The Signal To Obliviate The Noise With Mr. Shree

On Friday 4th July 2014 Mr. Shree Kumar; experienced life-coach, renowned motivational speaker and master of EFTT, presented his seventh session at SHAFA HOME, Delhi. Today’s gathering was a free-for-all forum discussing a wide variety of topics such as the power of prayer, open-mindedness and emotional intelligence.The first half of the session involved our residents servicing their ‘inner TV’. To be very honest, many of us were a little perplexed as to how we were alike to a ‘metal picture box’, but we have always been reminded to keep an open mind in Mr. Shree’s sessions. A well functioning, healthy mind precipitates good, wholesome actions. We are like TV’s because we project a huge variety of different feelings and behaviours. Residents discussed how wholesome actions act as precursors for a successful and productive life. Our conversation progressed further; we explored the different components of our internal TV’s such as our antennae and tuning dials. These had been unused and have become rusty when we were in active addiction.  

Armed with our past experiences we have an active choice to adjust our “living frequency” in accordance with negative or positive stimuli. The beauty of the present moment is ability to make free and independent choices.  If we want our internal TV to show bright life-scene images, then we must open our receptivity to positive influences which will no doubt create the beauty we hope to see in life. It’s in our hands to make and shape it.
Mr. Shree then gave a short dialogue regarding personal responsibility. He emphatically reiterated to us how life is a succession of right decisions. Only we can differentiate between right and wrong actions in life and progress accordingly with a reliable value system. So what facilitates all this?...”Awareness and prayer”. When we open our eyes to reality and surrender ourselves to the guidance from a Higher Power, then we see the blockers and enablers to our progress. After all, “God helps those who help themselves”.
So back to the analogy of the TV set...when our mind receives mixed up signals, the screen is obviously going to emit ‘white noise’ and pixelated image distortions. If there is no clear input, there will inevitably be no clear output. That clear and focused image he held in his mind regarding his future from a young age lost its clarity in addiction time. Living a prosperous and fulfilling sober life is indeed possible. The person needs to be constantly aware of negative and positive turn the picture on his TV screen will be bright and visible.   
The session drew to a close with our residents listening to an old Hawaiian prayer, a timeless classic called “Ho Opono Pono”. This charming prayer highlighted the importance of forgiveness. We need to exonerate ourselves if we want to move forward. Whatever had happened in our tumultuous past no longer needs to cast an ominous shadow over our lives today. Of course, the past will always remain in our memories, but when we truly forgive ourselves, then our internal floodgates are wide open to let in success.  
All in all, this session was soothing and calmed our resident’s jangling nerves. It gave them reassurance that the future could be a fantastic if they took the personal responsibility to make it so. The key factor to the success of today’s session was Shree’s incorporation of the TV analogy in relation to the human psyche. This allowed our residents to exercise their mental visualisation and concentration skills, ensuring that they dynamically responded to the session. From all of us at SHAFA HOME, our continuing thanks and gratitude to Mr. Shree Kumar for these wonderfully insightful gems of knowledge.