Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bhagwan Rajneesh Osho - A Workshop on Stress Management

Recently a Dance Meditation / Stress Management workshop was organized in SHAFA HOME, Delhi, by a representative  practising Osho's concepts.

The session started with an explanation that rhythm, attentiveness and an intuitive state are typical qualities of many types of meditation and dancing, even dancing which is recreational rather than meditation. Any kind of dancing can be meditative, but there is also a classification of "sacred dancing," which is the use of dance to explore and express our identity as soul.

Mr. Dua, the Osho practitioner added that it affects the functioning of our brain; for example, the repetitiveness and non-rationality. Indeed, we experienced it and when we did, it practically filled the air in SHAFA with happiness and joy.

For those two hours, each and every resident and staff member were involved in this session without having any other negative thoughts. We experienced that there is no need of any mood altering substance, drugs or alcohol to release the stress or to enjoy any moment. All we need is to take a step forward and involve ourselves and make those moments memorable.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ABC of Building Healthy Relations

Addicts during their drug use are finally left with little or no relationship with their family, positive friends, society, neighborhood and not even with their pets. During their treatment residents and their families always talk about how to make them value and mend their relations? Will they ever be able to understand and correct their perception towards people? And will they ever have healthy relationships?

To start an effective discussion and try to find answers on this subject, Shafa invited Mr. Neil Paul, expert speaker and eminent professional on anger management, marriage counseling and relation building. He started with quotes by famous people on relationships, classification of relationships, their need and the most important thing, “what do we mean by healthy relations?” In the answer he gave 3 keys to healthy relations which were Communication, Trust and last but not the least Respect ,which should come from  both ends.

Residents were very excited and enthusiastic during the presentations. In the end, lots of questions and doubts were put up by the residents, which were clearly answered by the speaker. Members seemed very relaxed and satisfied after the session. Some of the residents commented that they really realized what they had lost in their past due to their misbehavior and addiction.
ABC of Relationship
A -  Awareness        B -  Balance           C -  Choices

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

“Every Accomplishment starts with the Decision to Try”

It has been quite some time, that we have been discussing about theatre and dance as a part of our treatment modality. The time has come to see our residents live on stage. This will help them to regain confidence in front of the outer world, their real world.

Soon “The Beginning of UTSAV, 2012” will be organized, where our residents would showcase their talent and prove that they are capable to accomplish anything in this world, whatever they strive for and that too without the use of any drugs / alcohol or any mood altering substance.

The event would be a learning experience for them and part of their therapy too, because they need to learn to step forward, otherwise, they would never come out of this whirlpool.

However, we strongly believe that this will only be possible by your support and appreciation.