Monday, August 29, 2011


This is what SHAFA ask from family members.  Treatment is not complete unless family does not play its role. For an addict it is not easy to leave drugs. For him it is like fighting a war. At every point he is fighting with himself and his emotions. As a family we have to support and not irritate him. We as a family have to prevent its relapse, so in clear words it’s a collective effort. We have to play our role instead of pushing the addict into stress. While under drugs he is already in stress, he is not able to cope with his daily routine, nor able to get involved with family members. In such a situation, as a family we do not have to fight with him as somewhere we are responsible for his condition. We as a family feel  proud in saying that we have provided our children with every kind of facility but  we are not able to say how much quality time we have spent with them. We maintain one rule for one child and other rule for other. This leads to conflict within them. It is a common saying in the treatment that ‘when things go beyond limit it needs to be checked’. Only fear can’t be treatment. We have to change a person from within. It takes time in doing so. An addict does not come only with his problem of addiction, it is his years of frustration and stress which need to be worked out too............ YOU CANNOT JUST " TALK THE TALK" BUT "WALK THE WALK" TOO.

Friday, August 19, 2011


One more day, when SHAFA residents were immersed in celebrating 15th Aug, our national Independence Day.  A day when whole country takes pride on being an Indian.  We remember the contribution made by freedom fighters in their own way. SHAFA have a new perspective on this occasion ‘FREEDOM FROM DRUGS’. An insight was given to resident members, that they can live their life happily, if they free themselves from long imprisonment of drugs. Residents in the morning hosted the SHAFA flag and Indian Flag together to show solidarity and a high spirit.  Few SHAFA residents were also invited from nearby resident society to be a part of flag hosting. They showed their full enthusiasm while interacting with the outer world.  Residents in SHAFA performed various cultural programs like bhangra, patriotic song, standup comedy and plays. The cultural program was combination of fun and messages. An excitement was visible from everyone’s faces. The day ended with a delicious feast.  

Rebuilding Relationships: Raksha Bandhan

On 13th morning SHAFA residents observed a new day filled with gaiety and colour. It was festival of Raksha Bandhan which is celebrated to reaffirm the relationship of a sister and brother, the pledge of a brother to safeguard his sister and the sister in turn prays to God for a better life of his brotherThis small thread of Rakhi is considered stronger than iron chains as it binds the most beautiful relationship in an inseparable bond of love and trust. Rakhi festival also has a social significance because it underlines the notion that everybody should live in harmonious coexistence with each other. An addict in his past life had ignored all relations be it sister, mother or wife. For him his drug was everything. But when he comes to SHAFA he starts valuing each relation and understands importance of the same.  In SHAFA the day started with sharing with residents regarding the importance of this festival. A new hope was instilled in family members. Families of residents came to SHAFA home to be a part of this festival. Elderly family members gave blessing to residents for a better life. Resident became emotional seeing the view of sisters coming in and tying holy thread Rakhi on their hand. They could not believe that after all that they have done with their family members, while they were high on drugs, their family members still loved and cared about them. It was also a rejuvenating feeling for new members who joined SHAFA family recently.

It was a day of rebuilding relationships and healing feelings which were lost somewhere in the journey till Shafa.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Shafa has always believed in providing ‘training –on- job’ for its staff for their skills up gradation and development. So when one of our staff, Rupin, returned from his training in SELF, Philippines

With new and fresh ideas, he was asked to conduct a training program to orient the staff members, regarding the treatment procedures adopted by SELF organization. SHAFA from day one is open to changes, which its members bring in with themselves. Here the endeavor was on how SHAFA‘s existing program can inculcate new concepts to enhance its TC program. On day one of the training program, Rupin gave an overview of the TC program mythology adopted at SELF. His presentation reflected a picture, in respect to similarities and differences both organizations have in terms of treatment modalities. 

On second day he focused on Behavior Shaping Tools which are brought under practice in the SELF organization. These tools were appraised by staff members. He also shared regarding the 4 stages (self discovery, self formation, self direction, personal integration) which are divided into 20 months treatment program. He also highlighted the staff patterns and structure hierarchy, which integrates in best possible manner for the overall development of residents and their stable recovery.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


In its quest to explore boundaries, one of our SHAFA staff member Rupin visited TC program of SELF Enhancement for Life Foundation organization in Philippines which is dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from substance abuse and other Attitude Disorders.

It was a step ahead for knowing the various treatment modalities been followed by South Asian countries, so that a holistic framework can be set to promote the TC culture. He experienced the TC program while on carpet, to understand the treatment modality which this organization follows. 

He went through all treatment stages from a junior member to a staff member, so that a differentiation of procedures adopted could be observed. He came back to SHAFA with a new vibrant outlook which will not only enhance the present standards, but will also add new dimensions to TC approach.