Monday, August 29, 2011


This is what SHAFA ask from family members.  Treatment is not complete unless family does not play its role. For an addict it is not easy to leave drugs. For him it is like fighting a war. At every point he is fighting with himself and his emotions. As a family we have to support and not irritate him. We as a family have to prevent its relapse, so in clear words it’s a collective effort. We have to play our role instead of pushing the addict into stress. While under drugs he is already in stress, he is not able to cope with his daily routine, nor able to get involved with family members. In such a situation, as a family we do not have to fight with him as somewhere we are responsible for his condition. We as a family feel  proud in saying that we have provided our children with every kind of facility but  we are not able to say how much quality time we have spent with them. We maintain one rule for one child and other rule for other. This leads to conflict within them. It is a common saying in the treatment that ‘when things go beyond limit it needs to be checked’. Only fear can’t be treatment. We have to change a person from within. It takes time in doing so. An addict does not come only with his problem of addiction, it is his years of frustration and stress which need to be worked out too............ YOU CANNOT JUST " TALK THE TALK" BUT "WALK THE WALK" TOO.

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