Friday, August 19, 2011


One more day, when SHAFA residents were immersed in celebrating 15th Aug, our national Independence Day.  A day when whole country takes pride on being an Indian.  We remember the contribution made by freedom fighters in their own way. SHAFA have a new perspective on this occasion ‘FREEDOM FROM DRUGS’. An insight was given to resident members, that they can live their life happily, if they free themselves from long imprisonment of drugs. Residents in the morning hosted the SHAFA flag and Indian Flag together to show solidarity and a high spirit.  Few SHAFA residents were also invited from nearby resident society to be a part of flag hosting. They showed their full enthusiasm while interacting with the outer world.  Residents in SHAFA performed various cultural programs like bhangra, patriotic song, standup comedy and plays. The cultural program was combination of fun and messages. An excitement was visible from everyone’s faces. The day ended with a delicious feast.  

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