Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gaddhe Wali Holi hai!

This is one experience that nobody apart from people undertaking their treatment in Shafa can experience. The famous “Gaddhe Wali Holi”. March, as every year brings lots of happiness and joy and HOLI. This colorful festival becomes even more colorful when Shafa celebrates it without any kind of intoxication.

Preparations are started at least one month prior to the festival. A six foot deep trench is dug and filled with muddy water to play holi. Gujias and fruits are bought. Kilos of various colors are bought. The house is decorated and cleaned.

On the day of Holi, the residents wake up early and after a small gathering start the craziness. They start off with dry colors and move on to the more frenzied “Gaddhe Wali Holi”. With the music, water and colors it seems the best of the world.

Holi in Kotdwar is an awesome affair as it ends up in the residents taking an open air shower and then moving on to spending the day with fun and good food. Holi is one festival that brings on a true smile to the faces of each and every resident, be it young or old, Delhi or Kotdwar. It also makes us realize how today we are better off on festivals without any kind of mood altering substance.