Wednesday, March 20, 2013


One often meets his destiny on the road he tries to avoid it”

Well two days of absolute splendor had already passed in Kotdwar. Today was the third day and it was a sunny morning. Me and Ranjan Ji had just reached Shafa Home, Kotdwar. We were discussing on the way how we had forgotten to bring the milk bottle, stamp and stamp pad. We were all set for the day and ready to work.

At Shafa, Balbir Ji was ready to leave for the market and all of a sudden there was a need of the stamp and the stamp pad as Balbir Ji would take the cheques along. Ranjan Ji called me and asked to get the stamp pad and the empty bottle of milk from the house.

I asked Tarun to drive me to the house and back. On reaching home at the gate downstairs I got the fright of my life. I had forgotten the keys to Ranjan Ji’s room. I was finished. Without even thinking for a moment I sent Tarun back to Shafa to get the keys from Ranjan Ji. I knew I would get blasted but at least the work would be done once I get the keys to his room.
I went upstairs took the other stuff (milk bottles etc.) from the kitchen and stood outside waiting for Tarun to come back, thinking all kind of justifications to give for the forgotten key.

I was talking on the mobile when all of a sudden I got a bigger shock. I could very well feel like a cardiac patient who has had two major attacks in a row. I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, all the six feelings pain, shame, anger, hurt, guilt and fear were all over me. I saw the door to Ranjan Ji’s room, NOT LOCKED. He had just put the latch on but there was no lock. I didn’t know what to do? Curse myself or kill?? Suddenly there were no words coming out of my mouth. My forehead had suddenly become wet with droplets of sweat on it. My stomach suddenly started getting bumps in it.

I suddenly went into a trance and started working mechanically. Went inside the room. Searched for the stamp pad. Locked the main door and started walking frantically back to Shafa. I had no hope of the car coming back to pick me up. On the contrary I was worried with what’s going to happen. A phone call came and I stood still. The call ended for two minutes and I was all red. It was…you know who. I was asked to come back running. With my kind of pleasantly plump body (whoever of you have seen me) I couldn’t last for long. So I took lift in a bike and reached Shafa. My luck I did not receive a CHAANTA!!

Sir Ji says TO BE AWARE IS TO BE ALIVE. Be aware while speaking, be aware while eating, be aware while doing anything, even in toilet. I was very ashamed as Ranjan Ji trusts me very much and when you trust somebody and he does such a thing, it blows you out. Moreover listening to things carefully is very essential thing. The day before itself Ranjan Ji had told me that he usually doesn’t lock his door when he is in town and I didn’t register it at all. It’s been three years that I've been in recovery but Ranjan Ji didn’t hesitate to give me an Learniing Experience to make me run to Shafa. Simple reason being he cannot see me being a NIMKAMPOO. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Main Ek Pencil Hoon – An autobiography of a pencil to make an animation

Ron’s sessions have started becoming interesting now. He speaks on everything and anything. Yesterday was “how to make an animation movie”? Residents were shocked at the mention of an animation movie as even we thought that making films is a big task and cannot be done by us.

Ron started off with the basics and laid down a few objects in front of the residents and asked them to speak about those objects impersonating them. This was an exercise to bring out the creativity of the residents.

After this exercise the residents were told about how they should come up with their own original ideas and not copy others. They were also about the copyright act and its legalities.

This was new for the residents. They were thinking about something apart from their preoccupation. This was amusing. Residents were going into their childhood and thinking of characters like Doremon, Spiderman, Superman etc.

They were now given a task of writing a story line to convert into an animation. These stories would be converted into an animation story when Ron comes next.

With Ron coming in I’ve seen the residents being children once again. It is good to see them like this as the monster of addiction had snatched this innocence from them.

Waiting for RON…

Friday, March 8, 2013


Who is an addict?,
If i may ask.
Rejecting the light,
He chose to be in dark.
For the purpose of life,
Was unknown to him.
family a liability,
A burden to him.
"I do it socially",
He often said.
In truth, his society,
Was the dependence he bred.
Incapable of communication,
He hides in a vial.
Lives in illusion,
a maze of denial.
Lost were his feelings,
Of love and affection.
Losing himself,
Was his act of redemption.
The ones who were close,
Were now repelled.
His hollow sense of pride,
Was still strongly held.
The clouds of addiction,
Shadowed his life.
In misery, they lived,
His mother, his wife.
Now, what can be done?
Is the question abound,
A step by step treatment,
Is the solution found.
Look for the sanity,
That lives deep down.
For addiction is a river,
And one must not drown...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Ron has now become a regular visitor at our home. He usually comes and takes various sessions on life skills. Yesterday was a session on Logical Thinking and Senses.

The question was “What is there in an empty glass??” The motive was to think logically and tell. Residents ended up with many different answers. Again the motive was not to give the correct answer, but to think logically and use your mind logically.

Next was the time to differentiate seed items from non-seed items. Ron placed 10 different items in front of the residents which consisted of kaju, badam, peanuts, sarson, daliya etc. The task this time was to pick seed items apart from the non-seed one’s and to give a logical explanation as to why they were chosen for that category and on what factual basis.

After this were 6 different powder based items i.e. sugar, baking soda, salt, etc. Here Ron asked the residents to identify the items without touching or feeling them. The residents guessed many things, some were right, some were not. The idea of this activity was how different senses are used in different aspects of life and how we are incomplete without them.

All said and done the residents were very happy and enjoyed the session without going into their thoughts of home, substance, emotions or any other thing. They were perfectly in the moment and their minds running and working properly. That’s what he does to the family, an hour of being in the present, an hour with RON.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A self made Super Hero

Ever wondered who a real life superhero is? Is he the one who is strong or the one who brings people's strength back? Is he the one who can be invisible or the one who can make addiction disappear? If your answer in both cases is latter, then you yourself can meet a real life superhero.

13 years ago, this man took a major step by bringing into existence a rehabilitation center which would make an addict realize his societal role. The 'power of healing' technique taught by this center continues to transform lives even today.

People may argue, that the very individual who creates an organisation gets lost in the maze of entrepreneurship. But he is a man unlike many others. He has not just designed each and every session that takes place in the 'therapeutic community', but he also guides his staff members, counsels patients, suggests improvements, incorporates novelty and looks over every activity that forms part of the Shafa routine.

A marvelous quality that he possesses is care. Whoever works at Shafa is treated like a family member and so you have his support in everything you do. Here at Shafa, you are allowed to fall, because there will always be this man who'll help you stand up. This man that I refer to as a superhero, is the one who made good things happen. He is who we call Mr. Ranjan Dhar.

Love, Halwa and Recovery!

February was a month of mixed emotions, feelings and Love in Shafa Home, Kotdwar.  It brought the Valentine’s week and every resident was really excited. They made greeting cards and wrote their feelings for their families, their loved ones and for their teachers. One of the residents shared the story of St. Valentine and everyone was amazed to know about it. They all hugged each other and wished each other a Happy and Joyous Valentine’s Day.

One of the residents celebrated his 1st recovery birthday. As he shared his feelings, his grief and his wrong doings, everyone in the room was mum and listened to him as though they could visualize things happening in front of them.

Later, people enjoyed a nice dinner and delicious Halwa.

One of the residents also celebrated his 28th Wedding Anniversary, the day was full of love and surprise for him.

Residents really enjoyed the month as one of them went out with seniors for sightseeing in Kotdwar. The family enjoyed volley, dance, cultural gatherings and sessions conducted by Mr. Ranjan Dhar. Residents were really happy to learn more and more about life, about themselves and about the treatment. In all a fruitful month in RECOVERY.