Friday, March 8, 2013


Who is an addict?,
If i may ask.
Rejecting the light,
He chose to be in dark.
For the purpose of life,
Was unknown to him.
family a liability,
A burden to him.
"I do it socially",
He often said.
In truth, his society,
Was the dependence he bred.
Incapable of communication,
He hides in a vial.
Lives in illusion,
a maze of denial.
Lost were his feelings,
Of love and affection.
Losing himself,
Was his act of redemption.
The ones who were close,
Were now repelled.
His hollow sense of pride,
Was still strongly held.
The clouds of addiction,
Shadowed his life.
In misery, they lived,
His mother, his wife.
Now, what can be done?
Is the question abound,
A step by step treatment,
Is the solution found.
Look for the sanity,
That lives deep down.
For addiction is a river,
And one must not drown...

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