Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Ron has now become a regular visitor at our home. He usually comes and takes various sessions on life skills. Yesterday was a session on Logical Thinking and Senses.

The question was “What is there in an empty glass??” The motive was to think logically and tell. Residents ended up with many different answers. Again the motive was not to give the correct answer, but to think logically and use your mind logically.

Next was the time to differentiate seed items from non-seed items. Ron placed 10 different items in front of the residents which consisted of kaju, badam, peanuts, sarson, daliya etc. The task this time was to pick seed items apart from the non-seed one’s and to give a logical explanation as to why they were chosen for that category and on what factual basis.

After this were 6 different powder based items i.e. sugar, baking soda, salt, etc. Here Ron asked the residents to identify the items without touching or feeling them. The residents guessed many things, some were right, some were not. The idea of this activity was how different senses are used in different aspects of life and how we are incomplete without them.

All said and done the residents were very happy and enjoyed the session without going into their thoughts of home, substance, emotions or any other thing. They were perfectly in the moment and their minds running and working properly. That’s what he does to the family, an hour of being in the present, an hour with RON.

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