Monday, March 4, 2013

A self made Super Hero

Ever wondered who a real life superhero is? Is he the one who is strong or the one who brings people's strength back? Is he the one who can be invisible or the one who can make addiction disappear? If your answer in both cases is latter, then you yourself can meet a real life superhero.

13 years ago, this man took a major step by bringing into existence a rehabilitation center which would make an addict realize his societal role. The 'power of healing' technique taught by this center continues to transform lives even today.

People may argue, that the very individual who creates an organisation gets lost in the maze of entrepreneurship. But he is a man unlike many others. He has not just designed each and every session that takes place in the 'therapeutic community', but he also guides his staff members, counsels patients, suggests improvements, incorporates novelty and looks over every activity that forms part of the Shafa routine.

A marvelous quality that he possesses is care. Whoever works at Shafa is treated like a family member and so you have his support in everything you do. Here at Shafa, you are allowed to fall, because there will always be this man who'll help you stand up. This man that I refer to as a superhero, is the one who made good things happen. He is who we call Mr. Ranjan Dhar.

1 comment:

  1. Hero's do not support wrong things. I initimated Mr. Ranjan about shipra's fraud behaviour but he is not concerned about his reputation and his organization reputation but he is trusting the girl who has wrong behaviour just by seeing one side of the picture.

    Hero's listen both side story and then decide who is right and who is wrong. I have proofs which no one can get again shipra but Mr. ranjan trust her words. She and her family both are bad people and the day they will do some fruad in Mr. Ranjan shafa home that day Mr. ranjan will remember me.