Saturday, March 16, 2013

Main Ek Pencil Hoon – An autobiography of a pencil to make an animation

Ron’s sessions have started becoming interesting now. He speaks on everything and anything. Yesterday was “how to make an animation movie”? Residents were shocked at the mention of an animation movie as even we thought that making films is a big task and cannot be done by us.

Ron started off with the basics and laid down a few objects in front of the residents and asked them to speak about those objects impersonating them. This was an exercise to bring out the creativity of the residents.

After this exercise the residents were told about how they should come up with their own original ideas and not copy others. They were also about the copyright act and its legalities.

This was new for the residents. They were thinking about something apart from their preoccupation. This was amusing. Residents were going into their childhood and thinking of characters like Doremon, Spiderman, Superman etc.

They were now given a task of writing a story line to convert into an animation. These stories would be converted into an animation story when Ron comes next.

With Ron coming in I’ve seen the residents being children once again. It is good to see them like this as the monster of addiction had snatched this innocence from them.

Waiting for RON…

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