Saturday, October 29, 2016

Personal Experience by Bhanu Kapoor.

I have been in this treatment for almost 18 months. I have experienced many ups and downs that have taught me to be tough with my decision making. I decide now on even small matters with a long discussion and take a unanimous decision if I am sure that decision will give me the solution of the problem. Hence I have learnt here in Shafa Home to deal with problems practically in a realistic way related to addiction in a better way. Now I have grown up to this world of uncertainty where you would find people deeply engrossed in to addiction and whom are not able to come out of this grave situation so they have only their strong will power and experience gained from the treatment and the things they learnt while they were undergoing the program where they learnt realistic and practical solutions to fight this dreaded monster of addiction. It was at the de-addiction center that they learnt what they were missing in their real life when they were deeply in to addiction and now they can get out of this and prosper peacefully in their life and enjoy fruits of recovery by using their sense of reason as I have been using since my last 5 months after completing my treatment .I am really thankful to Shafa Home to have provided me a platform of recovery and healthy life. This has given me a confidence in life and now I can enjoy my life with the fruits of recovery. Now I can enjoy every moment of life and can make use of all the opportunities available in this world. 

In Past I Bhanu Kapoor was a cheerful and fun loving person. I was enjoying my life with academics, music, dancing and relationships. Everything was going fine, but suddenly this fun started getting away from me and my lovable friends changed into some others. This moment was so evil that I forgot all my customs and relations and it evolved so fast that I was unable to withstand against it. Finally, I started abusing drugs. My family relations and I were effected so badly that I started running and in the end that so called run ended at Shafa Home.
I am happy that I took treatment from Shafa Home. Here I forgot that feeling of going home. Now if I look upon myself, I am happy to see myself as a changed person. I am no longer careless, no more taking things lightly and most important I have a strong belief of not touching drugs ever in my life..I am heartily thankful to SHAFA, MY FAMILY and all those people who helped me in this journey which results in that I am writing and sharing my journey in front of you all proudly….and when I go back home after working here at Shafa Home as a Voluntary Staff I feel very relaxed and also feel proud of myself to be in Recovery. I am now enjoying the fruits of recovery. I feel very happy when people at my place and even my neighbors’ compliment me about my success in recovery they ask me how did I got out of addiction. They are all inspired about how people recover from the dreaded monster called addiction. So I would like to thank Shafa home for helping me get out of addiction and enjoy my life without being dependent on any of the substance and lead a healthy life.


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