Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wake up Dude.......... Its Valentine`s Day

Now, this is called treatment ... getting connected to the mainstream of the social environment. As addicts lose their emotional belongingness to the people or things around them, they tend to go deeper into their web of addiction, which they have woven around them.
Readers must be wondering as to what are we trying to convey, as it has no connection with Valentine’s Day ... Let us make it clear, what does an addict loose the most during his addiction days? His contact with his own self and his love for himself. He keeps piercing his own veins for injections, he vomits blood because of alcohol and still continues to consume alcohol ... then how do you expect him to love himself, how do we expect him to love his wife, children, girlfriend, pets, parents, job etc.
So here lies the connection -  celebrating Valentine’s Day does not only mean expressing your love for the beloved. It means expressing our love for everyone whom we love. And someone who cannot love himself cannot love anyone else. Hence, one should learn to love thyself first ... express this love for thyself ... celebrate this love for thyself.

This year the re-entry residents from SHAFA expressed and celebrated their love for themselves by watching a musical theatre. For the first time they were doing something for their own self. They were feeling good about themselves. They were amongst bigwigs of the creative industry, they were feeling a part of the mainstream of society. They were rubbing their shoulders with the so called “normal people” of this society. They were learning to adhere to their rules, mannerisms and learning to behave normally with them. They were very subtle in their behaviour, they were not loud and showed respect for others and themselves too.

This was their way of 'celebrating a new life and celebrating Valentine'.

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