Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Mr. Neil Paul a renowned personality in the field of Stress anger management visited Shafa Home on 20th January, 2012. He conducted an interactive session with the residents, re-entry residents and staff on “Changing Habits” and explained it through slides and related these slides to the living ways and habits of an addict.

Different points of views were exchanged in between the participant and the speaker. This session helped in broadening the horizons of their thinking and also created an understanding between the participants and the speaker’s point of views who expressed their opinion freely during the session.

 The entire session helped in bridging the gap between the residents and staff, as he brought in few examples with  reference to the day to day living in a therapeutic setting, against the backdrop of today’s topic of discussion “Changing Habits”. His examples were very precise, like explaining of the fine line in between ego and self-pride; needs and desires etc.

 Most importantly this interaction gave hope to the new members and made them believe that they can do it, the way as their peers have treaded through the same path. 

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