Thursday, February 21, 2013

Management in Treatment and Treatment in Management

Shafa has always believed in spanning the gap between the inner and the outer world. People outside have always been curious about what is happening inside Shafa and people inside have not seen what’s happening outside. In the process of encouraging both the ends to meet and looking at the later transition of residents into the society, Shafa keeps on inviting  outside resource people to come, speak, experience and share things amongst the residents of Shafa. Hence, this becomes a two way process where both the facilitator and the residents are exposed to a new world of learning.  

This time it was it was Ms. Ankita Prabhakar, Asst. Prof., JIMS, Rohini, New Delhi. A management guru, Ankita spoke on Management, the various levels and the process of Management. She told everybody how they should plan, organize, lead and control their day.

The session became even more interesting when Ranjan Ji engaged the residents into connecting as to how management is a part of treatment and how they had proved to be bad managers of themselves during their addiction. The residents got to know that management is not just a jargon of the corporate world but is a part of their daily lives. They got to know how treatment is divided in to various management levels and how in treatment they learn to plan, organize, lead and control everything and do everything that a real manager does in the outside world.

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