Saturday, December 24, 2011

katha @ shafa

In Succession to “Kudoos” (Pondicherry) 30  students of High School from “Katha” a NGO working in the field of Education and Community Development Since 1988, visited Shafa on 23rd December.
                The student have already been working towards spreading Awareness about Addiction in their Community.
                The Director along with his team including staff, volunteers and residents brought new ideas to explain the treatment through interactive sessions, Plays and Response Groups. All expectations were done by seeing things from their end and giving them day to day examples which fit in their lifestyle and environment.
                In return the students of `Katha` had also prepared stories, poems and slogans for the occasion, which were performed in front of Shafa Family. The Students shared that from the visit they learned to present themselves with confidence and to be bold.

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