Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wanna know about a special birthday?

Shafa pays importance to all religious, observes and celebrate all religious activities, national, international days and recovery b’days. Not only this, yesterday on 14-12-11 Riya, daughter of one of the residents of Shafa to celebrate her b’day. This made the day surprisingly different for all, the residents seemed charged up. They had arranged for a cake, made a b’day card and decorated the place themselves. The best part was that the father to participate in all the activities, but did not know that all these preparations are made for his own kid.
                                                                                      Finally, when the family arrived he was shocked \amazed to see them. All residents sang songs, give her b’day wishes, and the father presented her with a gift. After the cake cutting ceremony. The father shared “he was really surprised to see them, felt relaxed and satisfied, was really happy “

 The residents were nostalgic on the moment as they talked about their families and kids. They said they realised now they were never a part of any of their family celebrations inspite of being physically present there in the past. The residents too enjoyed the cake.            

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