Saturday, December 3, 2011


‘Act as If’ is a very powerful concept used at SHAFA as a part of its treatment modality. ‘Magical If’ is also a powerful tool which we are told is used in performing theatre. And both mean the same. We were really surprised to know it.

Also, our previous experiences have shown that performing theatre is very effective as a part of treatment for drug and alcohol dependency. Residents who were associated with performing theatre previously, learnt life skill to emote, express and articulate their feelings better than other residents. This helped them to continue in their recovery from drugs/alcohol.

We at SHAFA are again planning to conduct a theatre work shop for the residents. The final culmination is to stage the show in any auditorium in Delhi. With this view in mind, residents from SHAFA have been regularly visiting various theatres in Delhi to sensitize them towards this performing art. 

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  1. it was really magical something new 2 experience a soul refreshing experience