Friday, December 16, 2011


Shafa has always believed in providing innovative option in treatment. On 14-12-11, Shafa invited Mr. Neil Paul, a de-addiction and anger management professional. He introduced himself as a Certified Peer Counsellor and Certified Substance Abuse Practitioner from U.S.A.  Neil surprised everyone by also introducing himself as a recovery addict with more than 16 yrs recovery. Recovery addicts from outside were also invited to benefit from this workshop.Todays topic was about “Self Esteem” and an interactive session was held for all residents, volunteers, staff and previous recovery addicts with the help of a power- point presentation.

Initially, he emphasised on the importance of “Self Esteem” in relation to addiction and the life of an addict. The biggest cost that an addict pays during addiction is his “self esteem”. The feeling of being a loser gives rise to more addiction, more addiction leads to lessened self-worth and in turn because of lessened self worth he consumes more and more. This is how an addict falls into the web of addiction, an unending cycle, where it becomes difficult from him to come out.
                       Neil at length went to explain the whole process of self esteem, reason for low and high self esteem and how to improve low self esteem. The session was more interactive and participatory and hence was liked by all. Finally residents had questions and Mr. Neil cleared their doubts too. In the end Neil promised to hold more sessions on issues related to addiction and an addict

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