Saturday, December 24, 2011

Moving Ahead with determination.

On 21st December the theatre work shop took a new turn. Raj chose and gave the resident`s a new posture to sit. He heard the ideas and writings of the residents. He chose a few lines from the writings of one of the resident`s and asked them to perform on it. Meri Kalpana, Meri Soch, Mera Atit, Kya Hai Khas? (My Vision, My Thoughts, My Past, What is so special about it).
                As the resident`s could not impress him. Raj formed two groups of 5 and 4 resident`s. The group of 4 sang the lines and repeated it. The group of 5 acted on a formation on these lines. The team of resident`s were full of energy in the end. Raj left with a promise to teach them a new spot walking style on his next visit.

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