Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Theatre, as a treatment modality

In continuation to Shafa’s endeavour of using theatre as  Shafa’s treatment modality, Mr.Raj Banerjee, a theatre critic and media person visited Shafa on 8th December.

He formed  a group of 15 residents based on their interest/participation, out of which he chose Siddharth  as Asst. Director based on his past 5yrs experience with production in films, Goverdhan  as light and music incharge based on his mass communication background and Vaibhav as set incharge. Raj gave the residents a task to write at least one page a day till his next visit. This would help him to gauge how expressive the residents are and how they can articulate their feelings.

Again on 10th Dec, Raj visited Shafa and analysed  what the individuals had written. He instructed the residents to form a story line on their writings as he did not want any of his ideology or stories to be   forced on them. He again formed 3 groups 1st to write a screen play/story line, 2nd for music and lyrics, 3rd  for individual writing............................ ( This will continue, so keep a watch, we will keep you updated)

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