Monday, November 28, 2011


How many times have you heard that a person met with an accident because he was talking on mobile? How many times have you forgotten to put off the stove due to which your food got spoiled? How many times have you suffered losses in business due to negligence? In day to day life we come across various problems which arise as we are not 'AWARE'.

In an addict’s life, his attitude of not being aware leads to a gamut of problems. He spends his money on his addiction, without being aware that his child’s school fee needs to be deposited. His old mother cries and woo's through pain but for him his next drug dose is important. He bunks his college just to be there with addict friends, without realizing the loss to his future. He is not aware how badly he treats and abuses his family, who, are the only people who care for him.  In totality he is not aware how he is losing on all important aspects of his life.

In SHAFA, awareness is practised in its true sense. The treatment as practised in SHAFA is about being aware of one owns life. The resident starts learning to be aware from the small issues happening in the house. He holds himself and other family members accountable using the tool called ‘confrontation’. He is aware now, that unless he is not in here and now, he can’t earn his recovery. Even after the treatment a recovering addict is always aware and attentive that a mere thought of addiction can lead to his relapse. When the resident completes his treatment he doesn’t only starts responding to his own recovery but is more aware about his families concerns too.  So if a person wants to live his life to the fullest, he needs to be AWARE.

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