Monday, November 21, 2011


The word ‘when’ holds an immense turmoil both in the addict and his family. This word is connected with expectations which stagnates the present and breaks the future. As a family you must have heard from an addict saying ‘I will leave my drugs 'when' my family starts supporting me’. I will leave drugs, 'when' my business flourishes. In the same manner family lives in whimsical world. They keep on saying ‘when’ their child will leave drugs. When he is going to become a responsible person.

It is the outer projection of an addict to the world, that he wants to leave drugs, but is unable to do so due to innumerable reasons. It is just a lame excuse to gain sympathies of the world around. In reality this 'when’ never comes. If a person wants to leave drugs a mere determination will save his life. He needs to start acting on present instead of putting things for the future. In the same manner unless and until a family starts responding to the wrong act, stop enabling, they will suffer as a co-dependent. They have to come out of any good future predictions and set themselves accountable for giving a disciplined family environment.
In SHAFA, we follow a simple rule ‘Action is the magic word’. We make the resident practise to ‘act now’. There is no place for future assumptions. The resident learns to respond to his wrong actions and correct it simultaneously instead of putting into ‘when' stories. 

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