Thursday, November 17, 2011


‘It’s not related to me. I do not use syringes’. This is a common response among alcoholics when asked about HIV/AIDS. There are many misconceptions prevailing in the mind of people, that they are completely safe. To remove wrong notions, SHAFA on 11th Nov, stepped into a new initiative. Representatives from one of the leading organization in our country “NAZ FOUNDATION” were invited to sensitize and educate residents in SHAFA about HIV/AIDS. This issue is of vital importance amongst drug abusers. It is not only a problem of ID users as commonly known, but even alcoholics & other drug abusers lose their sense of judgement and right decision under the influence of their drug/alcohol. This leads them into the category of high risk target group.
Session started with basic concepts and difference between HIV and AIDS. It was followed by reason, precautions, symptoms, do’s don’ts, and treatment. Concept of precaution i.e. ABC (Absenteeism, Be faithful, Condom) was beautifully explained. There was an overwhelming response from residents as there were so many clarifications. It was great to see that various misconceptions were broken. 
This issue was important as it doesn’t only affect the individual but future generation too.

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