Monday, January 2, 2012

HO HO HO! Christmas Shafa Way

On 25th December, the Christmas Day. The residents of Shafa were surprised by gifts under their pillows and beddings. One resident was dressed as Santa Claus & the whole house was decorated which brought energy and enthusiasm in the residents. The menu was different which added flavour to joy.
                In the afternoon , the Shafa Family was addressed by a priest from the nearby Church. The priest read out a few Phrases from the Holy Bible, which could be connected to the life of an addict. After a prayer the residents put up their questions regarding their past and future, which were answered by the priest. As thanksgiving, the priest was presented with a greeting card made by the resident`s themselves.
                The residents showed off their talent by the performing Cultural Activities, plays etc. Everyone participated in the activity and even enjoyed it. Residents sang Carols and depicted the birth of Jesus through a small skirt. The day ended with a dance session which expressed the joy, enthusiasm and happiness of the Shafa Family.

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