Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finding new ways to concrete our relations

As during the addiction, our relationships with our families, friends, relatives and society were the most affected. So on 3rd January 2012, Dr. Neelam Sukramani from Jamia Milia Ialamia, professor in Social Works was invited to Shafa Home, to conduct a session on "Building Relations".

The session started with a song as she asked one of the residents to sing a song, to cheer them up and as ice breaker. She told the residents to introduce themselves in a new manner that was to describe themselves with a word. For example : "She introduced herself," I am Neelam I am very Emotional." She put up 2 Questions How was your family affected due to your addiction? and How can you change it? She asked the residents to answer them in written or through a drawing.

After 15 minutes she asked few of the residents to share what they have written and others to put up questions on what he shared. She herself removed their doubts and made the residents to realize what could be done and find the answer to their questions on their own. She finished with telling the residents to keep the papers with them, so next time she can listen to everyone and its just a beginning. She ended with singing a motivational song herself.

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