Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is A Friend In Need, A Friend In Deed?

During the days of addiction, addicts forgot the meaning of Companionship and Belongingness. On 8th January, 2012 Five Re-entry Residents of Shafa went on an outing to re-discover what companionship or belongingness is all about.

            The re-entry residents had planned a day out after a long period of time, which was like a dream come true. All were excited and pumped up to explore the world again with a new vision and excitement. They watched a movie and later shared their feelings with each other like never before. A nice lunch after the movie added a true flavor. They took pictures, sang songs, saw spiritual ‘Gathka’ and interacted with people to know about the new developments while they were in their own world. They were in their true elements and it was like joy following them like a shadow.

            They really felt what exactly they have lost in their past and what can they earn in their future. Today they could clearly understand the feeling of regret for always being a black sheep in their family. The day ended with realization and a promise to each other that we will not lose what they have earned after lot of hard work and patience.

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