Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Evening In Shafa Home

On 31st a huge gathering of 200 people was organized by Shafa Home at Kothwar. The gathering included the residents, their family member’s, volunteers, staff and old recovering addicts. The invitation were sent to the family members a month back via phone calls, e-mails, text messages and direct invitation in the family counseling.

The evening Started with a Family counseling in which Residents and family members were informed the importance of celebrating such important days without alcohol or any mood altering substance. It all started with an early dinner by the food cooked by the residents. Families shared their food with the residents more then the food, it was love and affection that could be seen in their eyes. The cultural event started with Bhangra followed by the folk dance which transformed into the hip hop in between the audience got so excited and involved that a kid came up to the stage and showed a fairy dance. The dance was actually adorable. In the end the residents have put up an act depicting a religious mythological story. A fashion parade depicting various traditional dresses of different Indian States. The whole cultural program depicted the confidence and positive changes amongst the residents, everyone could notice the improvement in their personality and openness.The cultural activity was too perfect.
And soon the time had come for what the whole gathering was organized FOR. It was 10 seconds to 12 o clock. The crowd began the count down 10..9..8…………...4..3..2..1, the new year was welcomed by bursting a balloon and unveiling a big card put up by the residents on the wall. The roar in the air could match the energy of any soccer stadium. Everyone, old or young, grand father or sister could be seen dancing with their loved ones. The stage was set for a perfect New Year Eve Celebration which went on till 1 in the night. Few family members expressed their joy and excitement, like this: “ Iam 25 years old and I have never celebrated new year like this.”. A girl said we usually used to go out clubbing but its was better then that”. One of the residents shared,” he has never danced like this without using any mood altering sustnce in the past”.

There was a issue with the bedding arrangements which was due to the lack of communication however that would be taken care during the next short coming events. However that was not the end it was beginning of a new recovering life in a new year. We wanted to wish the treasure of happy yesterdays and the gift of bright tomorrow.

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