Friday, January 27, 2012


For the first time India became host to Asian Recovery Symposium and for the first time 6 participants from Shafa Home joined the venture too .ARS is a proud body of Asian Countries celebrating the pride and honor of being in recovery and free from drugs. It enlightens the problems and issues that are faced by people in recovery and organizations working in this field. The event was organized from 16th to 18th Jan, 2012 at Hotel Sheraton. This year’s topic was “Recovery Benefits Everyone”.
            The event unfolded itself with various presentations on the topic “Recovery Benefits Everyone” by eminent speakers from leading organizations active in this noble cause. The participants from Shafa Home were in their true element and played a active role in all the activities. They met people from various Asian Countries, making friends and exchanging experiences. They confidently participated in all deliberations and left their own mark too. They invited people to their facility as they had arranged conveyance for all participants.

            During the event a few workshops were held, the involvement and the spirit of the participants were very high. Later the certificates were distributed amongst all  participation, followed by a sumptuous dinner. The event ended with a cultural activity performed by people from different countries. Finally, the recovery countdown which was the best and most energetic part of the whole event, started. It provided hope to the new brothers to move ahead slowly and steadily in the path of recovery. Recovery was celebrated by handing over bouquet of flowers from the oldest recovery member, 39 years in recovery, to the youngest, 7 months in recovery. Symposium ended with good byes, good lucks and promises to meet again next year, next ARS. 

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