Friday, August 29, 2014

“Transcending time and space with Pranic Healing”

On Tuesday 26th August 2014, the residents of SHAFA HOME Kotdwar were visited by members from the Delhi-based Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust. The team was headed by Mr. Kishore Vij. Kishore Ji hosted a 3-part “super-session” regarding the spiritual progression of the human soul within its earthly incarnation.
When Mr  Kishore and his crew entered  Asha Greh, we knew it was high time for a period of self-reflection to ponder upon the meaning of life...exactly what do we need to achieve in this life? And how did our soul come to get reincarnated into the physical vehicle of the human body anyway?
Kishore Ji opened the session by frankly stating how “many of us [humans] are frightened by spirituality and accepting there are spiritually divine beings. These pure beings deliver us signs and subtle guidance as to how we can progress spiritually in this lifetime. These Divine Beings certainly don’t grab us by the collar and plonk us near the top of the spiritual ladder. Only we can make our journey to ascend the spiritual ladder a successful one and it all lies with the choices we make.
 In Kishore Ji’s first part of the spiritual trilogy, he discussed the journey from birth to death and the relationship between making wholesome choices by incorporating the five virtues of honesty, moderation, loving-kindness and generosity towards our brothers and sisters of mankind. Basically, do good, get good. If we make rational, positive choices that sustain our bodily health, sanity, relationships and personal dignity its inevitable we will feel safe and happy. If we make negative, destructive choices we will clearly encounter a rough time in life. It’s as simple as that.
The second session was dedicated to the discussion of the origins and journey of the soul. The session kicked off with ‘Superbrain-Yoga’ which facilitates improved concentration and awareness by harmonizing the functioning of the physical brain. Our residents definitely needed this boost in concentration before delving into the session’s heavy topic of ‘achieving mukti (liberation) from the cycle of birth and death’.
Our soul has infused into amoebic bacteria ranging right up to creature forms in a whopping 8.4 million rebirths. In this human roop (form) God has best equipped us with a fully-functioning mind and body in order to think positive thoughts and do virtuous karam (deeds) based upon our five virtues we had discussed in the first session.
The more we love and respect God’s creation, the more we worship and remember Him. After we die, we will be judged for our deeds on earth. If we play life’s game without resorting to sneaky, dirty tactics then we will be one step closer to ‘mukti’ (Salvation ). Who wants to stay stuck in worldly hassles? Haven’t we got sick and tired of it after 8.4 million rounds in the boxing ring? Mukti is the ultimate target, all souls must strive for.
In the final session, residents learned about the components of effective meditation. Here Kishore Ji gave an in depth discourse about proper posture and breathing techniques. Our residents have been taught the “6-3-6-3” dynamic which allows for maximum ‘prana’ flow into the etherial body.
Towards the end of the session, they embarked on the ‘Om’ meditation to seal the day’s event with peace and good wishes towards their brethren.

Today’s “super-session” was an incredibly profound and interesting series of presentations interlaced with resident’s questions and opportunities with hands-on practice. Kishore Ji never fails to  ‘wow’ us with his sincere enthusiasm and panache for raising spiritual awareness amongst our residents. Our thanks goes to the Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust for their ongoing time, effort and dedication with our residents. 

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