Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sometime We Are The Windshield...Sometimes We Are The Bug

On Monday 11th August 2014, Ms. Maheshwari Jani, experienced behaviour analyst and master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming presented her twelfth session at SHAFA HOME, Delhi in which she discussed the super interesting topic: emotional intelligence. The aim of the session was to identify the definition beyond these two words. Our residents were encouraged to dive below the surface level to investigate exactly what it means to be emotionally intelligent. A few of our more conscientious residents were eager to share their opinion. One young chap commented that an ‘emotion’ are the same as feelings; the term is interchangeable. Emotions or feelings are reaction to a stimulus generated from our interaction with the environment around us.
Once a definite explanation was decided upon, then residents were asked to delve deeper into their mind to analyse the multitude of different emotions and feelings that they simultaneously feel at any given time. After all, it’s a proved fact that addict’s naturally have a tendency to create a scrambled, confused mess of the emotions they are truly feeling at any given time. Due to this it is crucial to pinpoint exact emotions. By understanding ourselves, then we can begin to understand others and act more compassionately.
The first activity involved our residents grabbing hold of three of their fellow brothers to ask them to write their good qualities and their working points. In this exercise they had to purposely choose somebody they got along with, someone who they felt neutrally towards and lastly someone who they wouldn’t regularly interact with. So, the residents quickly got to work meandering round the ‘Asha Grah’ to catch their three lucky companions.
When the activity was over, residents grouped back together into a circle and collectively gave each other’s feedback. This activity pushed our residents to act with honesty and maturity to deliver both praise but also eye-wateringly pinching criticism. Basically, our boys didn’t beat around the bush with this task...they jumped straight in to dish out sweet and savoury opinions of their peers.
Whatever our emotions were and whatever we felt towards others, we were reminded to act without bias to appreciate the unique quirks and beauty of all. Maheshwari explained this idea was not exclusively restricted to the activity, but was also a golden lesson to apply in wider living. By being kind and appreciative of everyone, we form and strengthen healthy relationships...something a recovering addict craves for in their new, substance free life...and the beautiful thing is, it’s 100% achievable!

The last activity of the day involved our boys picking a partner to tickle their funny this activity members were instructed to make their companion laugh. Positivity is contagious and smiles were flying all round the hall. From the session, it was evident to see that our residents have improved upon their communication skills, emotional intelligence and confidence leaps and bounds in recent weeks, thanks to Maheshwari Ji’s dedicated support and work with our residents. We endeavour to meet with her very soon for her next exciting session!   

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