Friday, August 1, 2014

Don't Stay On Your Island...Let me in with Maheshwari Jani

On Monday 14th July 2014, Maheshwari Jani; experienced behaviour analyst and master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming presented her tenth session of behaviour development at SHAFA HOME, Delhi and the session was attended by all residents and staff members. Today’s exciting topic was “how to deal with emotionally-trying people and difficult situations.
Ms. Maheshwari made her signature bubbly entrance into the ‘Asha Grah’ hall and greeted our residents to brief them with the day’s focus. The session kicked off with the first activity where participants were instructed to stand up and hold hands in a circle. This activity allowed them to feel how strongly they could grip the hands of their companions. This kinaesthetic activity measured the subconscious level of both negative and positive emotion directed through the body’s physicality. From previous sessions we have learned that our body language never lies...Any bitterness or irritation our residents had towards their peers was gauged in this simple exercise. This means we should endeavour keep our emotions in check at all times. 
The second exercise was a public-speaking “jam” session; a fast-paced, continuous debate on a variety of topic regarding insidious people and circumstances. Our eager beavers were kept standing in a circle and took it in turns to share their views on “monetary inflation, how care is best demonstrated, whether men have the right to hit females and whether the chicken or the egg came first”. The debating exercise was a true testimony of how far the residents had progressed regarding proper diction, eloquence and feeling confident. The result was fantastic! We had young men fearlessly expressing pertinent and convincing arguments. This also demonstrated how well their listening and empathy skills had improved too. This activity
 Amongst all this an important notion was raised that all of us could relate to in our lives...this was to remember our verbal and moral boundaries. To respect each other is to ultimately behave with awareness, responsibly and respect life.
Ms. Mahi then led us to our final task of the session. Residents viewed a short and succinct verbal presentation on “assertiveness”. Residents learnt that when they adopt a gentle and impartial communicative manner, we are able to act more harmoniously with others. Saying “no” without offending is an art form. It relies on the individual remembering and practising tolerance and brotherly concern of all, regardless of whether that person irritates us to high heaven. Peace and understanding is the best way to operate.

All in all, the session was a brilliant success. Our boys learned that by keeping their body language in check and by practising love, understanding and compassion. Ultimately when our residents leave SHAFA, they will have worked upon their patience and magnanimity. This will facilitate stronger and more fulfilling familial relationships. Our ongoing thanks is directed to Ms. Maheshwari Jani for her ongoing time, effort and dedication to work with our residents!    

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