Monday, August 18, 2014

Janmashtami 2014: Festivity, fun and frolics on Lord Krishna’s glorious birthday!

On Sunday 17th August 2014, our residents celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna at both Kotdwar and Delhi facility center. Janmashtami is the festival that marks Lord Krishna’s birth and is a highly revered and auspicious day throughout the nation, promoting a message of courage, focus on positive goals and remaining pure and virtuous while overcoming life’s oppressors to gracefully stride through turbulence into serenity. Our staff on duty, Pradeep Ji even went as far to oversee jewellery and make-up! Who ever knew he would be such a dab hand at transforming mere mortals into mythological heroes and villains. Everybody looked a gem as they sparkled from head to toe.  Our scenery and props team demonstrated their inventiveness and resourcefulness as they recycled old sheets to create a dynamically flowing river, created a huge cobra from basic scrap materials and climbed into trees to affixed pots and swings. Only through complete trust and teamwork, were they able to achieve all this…and more was on the way!!          
At the stroke of five thirty sharp we were transported back in time as the evening’s programme kicked off with a selection of still scenes. A group of our residents performed a sequence of ‘Jhankis’, staging memorable moments from Lord Krishna’s life story. Our boys dazzled us with superb renditions of His fight with Kans, Krishna’s familial separation, the Great One defying an invitation into the fatal jaws of Seshnag (the cobra). The last stop was the iconic scene of the timeless union of mischievous Krishna with his beautiful and devoted consort, Radha. Our colourfully exuberant production even attracted the attention of our neighbours from Mawakot village!  
As residents meandered their way back into the facility, our host for the night introduced our musical pieces and two theatrical productions; a play about Sudhama’s unfair dismissal from Lord Krishna’s domain and Lord Krishna’s battle against Pootna and Seshnag. First was Subin and Vikrant’s acoustic guitar jam, which was then followed with our sweet-voiced and melodious Vipin serenading us with his version of ‘Om Jai Jagdish’ spreading the spiritual current of joy and peace high into in the air.
Our event drew to a close with our guest, director Mr. Ranjan Dhar congratulating all participants for their outstanding time, effort and dedication to make the day a seamless success. Last but not least, he also praised the kitchen team, who had cooked scrumptious halwa, puris and kheer as part of the mouthwatering alternative menu for the 120 residents. The empty plates and countless satiated smiles said it all!  
Janmashtami 2014 was a sparkling accomplishment of creativity, innovation and teamwork. It was clear to see that our boys were fantastically capable of producing and directing a smashing show. We hope that this special day may be the gatekeeper allowing continuous strength, bliss and success to pour into the hearts and minds of all residents.   

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