Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Sacred Thread Of RakshaBandhan

On Sunday 10th August 2014, our residents at both our Kotdwar and Delhi treatment facilities celebrated Raksha Bandan; a commemoration of the unique and everlasting bond between a sister and her brother. Despite the fact our boys were away from their dear sisters, some for the very first time in their life, it didn’t put a downer on the spirit of the day. Both Kotdwar and Delhi bustled with vibrancy and enthusiasm as preparations were duly made to transform this day into a colourful and joyful salutation to the strong, loving women who have supported and stood by their brothers for all of these years.
At our Kotdwar centre, the day kicked off with a culinary difference. The boys tucked into a yummy treat of sizzling puris and mouth-watering pulao, which was relished by all judging by the mountain of empty plates and satiated smiles radiating from residents’ faces. Many lucky boys were gifted with a visit from their families, who travelled from far and wide to specially spend time with their sons, husbands and brothers...we witnessed that love is limitless, it has no boundaries nor conditions. This beautiful notion was crystal-clear when the residents met with their doting and devoted relatives. The atmosphere became a tad emotional at times, but it was clear to see that the boys acknowledged that their SHAFA HOME treatment period would transform them into productive family members and establish prosperous and harmonious relationships with their dearly beloved. One resident even celebrated his biological birthday, adding to the festivity and electric excitement buzzing in the air.
At SHAFA in Delhi, our residents were visited by the Brahma Kumaris. Our guest speakers bestowed an important lesson of love, compassion and tolerance towards entire mankind upon our eagerly attentive boys; igniting a beacon of hope within their hearts, allowing them to traverse their path with much needed guidance and illumination. One of our voluntary staff members also chipped in with his short and poignant speech regarding the priceless value of respecting and serving our families. These were the people who never forgot us, even while we were totally consumed within the dark depths of our addiction. He added that he was now ready to go to any lengths to protect his little sister from harm come what may, he would never henceforth take her love for granted; striving always to bring her comfort, security and happiness.
Towards the end of the session, our Brahma Kumari sisters tied rakhis on each resident and applied a chandan ka tikka on their forheads. These are symbolic gestures of togetherness and eternal spiritual protection.  

All in all, our Raksha Bandan 2014 celebration was a fabulous success at both our Kotdwar and Delhi. Our boys demonstrated their solid intention to remain loyal, not only to the women in their lives, but also to recovery, since it is the foundation for a stable and flourishing life after leaving our doors. We have high hopes for our residents and truly pray that God will gift them with a peaceful and fruitful future. 

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