Monday, August 25, 2014

“How a tap a day keeps your problems at bay!”: Elementary EFTT With Mr. Sree

On Thursday 7th August 2014 and Thursday 14th August 2014, Mr. Sreekumar; noted life coach and EFT (Emotion Freeing Tapping Technique) practitioner presented his eighth and ninth sessions at SHAFA HOME, Delhi. Due to the continuous shifting of residents from Delhi to Kotdwar, our previous batch of participants had left to embark upon their treatment at our senior house. Consequently, Mr. Sree felt it was necessary to host an introductory session allowing our newer members to learn more about this profoundly interesting energy-healing technique.  
These two sessions allowed Mr. Sree to establish rapport with our new arrivals to the centre and members who had arrived from Kotdwar. On Thursday 7th August 2014, Sree gave a short but poignant overview of what EFT entailed and its benefits. Our new participants were intrigued and engaged by his discourse into the mesmerising world of self healing through energy and thought-channelling. By harnessing our often intense and self-destructive energy, we direct it into the creation of a remedial process that keeps us guarded from physical and mental ailments.
Sree interlaced his explanatory discourse with his own personal experiences. Members were moved and amazed to hear that EFT had successfully allowed him to fully recover from severe lethargy and even despondency, mood swings, hurt and painful memories. The process has worked wonders for him in his active daily practice to along with his morning walks to mould him into the grounded and charismatic individual he is today. Now he travels across the nation to help people seeking much needed liberation from their physical and psychological problems. Three months on, his magnetic spark and genuine enthusiasm still dazzles our avid-to-learn residents.
On the 14th August, Mr. Sree took feedback from the residents. The general consensus from residents suffering from bodily ailments was that that their pain had reduced from a scaled 7 out of 10 to 4 or 5. One member noted to have felt an astonishingly strong reduction in their pain, to 3! Sree commented how fantastic it was to hear of our residents’ continuous dedication to the practise. Towards the end of the session, Mr. Sree embarked on a one-on-one work with a resident suffering from bouts of rage and explosive anger. Sreekumar guided him through a relevant set-up statement that would allow him to forgive himself for his destructive temperament and his chaos-laden past and remind him of his winning qualities.
With time, with dedication to the practise and faith in his personal abilities, he will be able to transform himself into a strong individual able to keep his cool despite life’s turbulent moments.

All in all, this was another fabulous investment of time and our continuous thanks goes to Mr. Sreekumar for conducting another hope-inspiring session for our residents as they progress through their recovery journey.   

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