Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saga of a tenacious man ....Piyush ji’s 6th Recovery Bday

Piyush ji is a living and a prime example that recovery can move mountains and animate stones. It’s the sheer will power and tenacity to endure and be the catalyst to bring the change within that defines Piyush ji. His life is metaphorical of embracing the change ; that what a pupa calls the end of the world ...a butterfly calls it the beginning of a new life. 
On 28th June the residents of both our facility centres geared up to celebrate the beloved Mr. Piyush ji’s 6th recovery birthday. Incidentally the family counselling meeting was also to be held on the same day so we decided to celebrate the event along with the families of residents. Everyone cheered and welcomed a jubilant Piyush ji with a standing ovation into the Asha Greh. He went on to share his life story with everyone present. It really was an intense and quite an emotional journey for everyone present. The family members were so moved by his sharing that they could not resist hugging Piyush ji and wiping tears from their eyes at the same time. 
To quote Piyush ji “The addiction led me to hide in my shell and shelter behind painting my mind. I was too frightening to listen to a stranger and to egoistic to put my pride in danger. I had got demons in my closet and I was screaming out to stop it...thinking that life's begun to cheat me, friends are out to beat me. But in recovery I have learned not to let the tears linger on inside now 'cause it's sure time I gained control. To get my life back and on the road....” .  
Everyone then joined for the cake cutting ceremony and Piyush ji was presented with a birthday card. And in the evening residents let the music take control as everyone got on the dance floor. Afterwards the day came to a close with residents enjoying  a sumptuous dinner comprising of tandoori naans, chilli paneer and mouth watering kheer....

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