Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Recognising, remembering and replenishing the divine love, light and beauty that lies within us all.

On Friday 20th June 2014, the charismatic and charming Mr. Shree Kumar graced SHAFA HOME, Delhi to present his fifth session for our residents. Today’s topic followed on from last week’s theme; the definition and search for love and the presence of God within all living beings.
Mr. Shree opened this week’s session clearly stating that these sessions are not simply a ‘TGI Friday time-pass’, they are offered so that the participants can further their personal growth within the treatment programme. He wants our residents to enrich and fortify their personal growth using these valuable EFTT experiences alongside their TC treatment programme. After all, nobody can force-feed us suggestions on how to live a happy and successful life...if we want to succeed it requires dedicated action. After all, recovery has no middle ground!
Today’s key topic was how we start to perceive the divine light, divine love and divine power that lies within all of us. Mr. Shree gave a preliminary discourse about the deep importance of perception modification; in NLP this is called re-framing and re-viewing our schemas attached to the world. Basically in simple speak – the need to start appreciating, giving and receiving love and stop fearing love.
If we seriously want to live harmoniously with each other, then its high time we stop the hating, stop the judging and quit believing ourselves to be superior to others. God doesn’t judge or hate, so when did us mere mortals have the audacity to think we have the right to do so? We are all equally beautiful forms cut from the same infallible diamond. A perturbed younger member stood up and asked “so that light shining inside you is the one shining in me then?” His response was met with a resounding “Indeed!” Brother we are all the same, despite our colour, gender shape, size or substance of choice.
Love is the liberating force that allows us to forgive each other for misconduct done to us. The highest duty we can do is to love, care for and appreciate our fellow humans and environment. Mr. Shree explains that as humans we have fed our minds with such corrosive spiritual poison, we have ignited our own funeral pyre...As addicts, we are frighteningly adept at burning our own bridges to reach safety. When we resigned ourselves to hopelessness, how can we move forward? In last week’s session Avinash vanquished his incorrigible guilt and shame to the EFTT practise, finding after countless years that he had the capacity to forgive himself. If we want to feel hopeful and happy, we have to send out those positive vibes – this whole universe functions on the law of karma - What we send out, we will receive back.  
Nonetheless despite what happened in our pasts, God works in mysterious ways. After all, He somehow rounded up all of us to coexist under the roof of SHAFA HOME right? We have been given a chance to do each others’ “seva” (help). We are all here for one common purpose; to help each other to recover from this fatal longer did we need to shut ourselves off from the light of the Spirit.
Bring on Mr. Shree ‘self-illumination’ exercise! As the session progressed, Mr. Shree went round all of the residents, saluted and embraced them...many grown men were reduced to tears from this experience. The atmosphere was indescribable...many experienced were moved to pure rapture whereas others felt intense embarrassment as they relived the past in their minds.
As the session wound to a close it was time for residents to spread the love themselves. Residents stood up and embraced their brothers with warm, tight hugs and sentiments of good-will. A specialised EFTT was also undertaken regarding the learning from today’s session.

Mr Shree concluded that we would learn more advanced methods of EFTT in coming sessions. When our residents heard this fantastic proposition, the wide eyes and grins on their faces spoke volumes! Mr. Shree and our ever-observant staff believe they are making brilliant progress reflecting from their enthusiasm.

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