Monday, July 14, 2014

SHAFA HOME stands tall and proud at the UN Day against Drug Abuse event in New Delhi

On 26th June 2014, SHAFA HOME proudly sent two of its ambassadors (one senior staff and one trainee-staff member) to attend and present a discourse at The UN DAY AGAINST DRUG ABUSE at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi. The event was hosted by the President of the IRS (Indian Revenue Service) and Director General of The National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics, India from Faridabad, Haryana. The event was a day-long series of presentations, informative seminars and question-and-answer sessions.
We were incredibly proud that SHAFA HOME (as you all probably know is a NGO) was selected to participate with other government-affiliated law and medical organizations at such a prestigious event. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our trainee staff member, she commented that she had never attended an event of such unequivocal importance. Meeting and greeting members of the national security infrastructure, along with high-ranking medical practitioners was beyond her wildest dreams. The fruits of recovery are indeed sweet for this optimistic young recovering addict!     
Behind all the pomp and glamour, a serious message was conveyed: “India is aware of this evil of drug abuse. The good nation will not stand by inactive to allow millions of its bright young souls to fall into the clutches of this disease, nor will the country any longer remain apathetic in its action to remove these demons.
The day heralded forward progress and a time of serious contemplation of necessary efforts. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley inaugurated the event, commenting this was a “shining effort of India’s serious effort to preserve its beautiful nation”. Along with Shri Jaitley, three other celebs graced the event…Cricketer Virender Sehwag, umpire Mr. Hari Haran and the musical guru Adesh Shrivastava added that young people should get addicted to keeping their body fit and healthy and pursuing their creative talents  instead of drugs! Drugs kill the chance of a successful future. The Chief Minister of Meghalaya also made a guest appearance along with an entourage. This went to show that the Indian people are more than ready to unite in their efforts to secure our nation’s future; allowing the prosperity, beauty and integrity of country to be preserved for countless years to come.
Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations both have a part to play in effectively combating this terrible social plague. Our two SHAFA ambassadors presented their piece explaining why centres like SHAFA HOME are vital in the fight against drugs. Our confident women presented a convincing discourse and a video documentary on why our centre provides a unique and deeply effective treatment against the typical mainstream medical de-addiction option of addressing the disease. After their piece, the buzz and applause they received was immense. They were also presented with trophies for their superb effort! This gives us strong, infallible hope that we too will merge into national effort to preserve our country’s future.  

 As the day drew to a close, participants were thoroughly impressed with the breadth of knowledge which was presented. Without a shadow of a doubt, the UN Day against drug abuse was a fantastic learning experience for our trainees! Not only did they present a convincing and highly persuasive argument to why SHAFA HOME’s ‘TC approach’ is a much needed and unique treatment option in the throng of countless short-term, medical alternatives…It is high time that India pulls its socks up and fulfills its promise of swift and decisive action to research substance addiction and preserve the success of future generations to come.      

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