Thursday, July 17, 2014

Exploring the weird and wonderful world of our body’s beguiling biochemistry

On Friday 27th June 2014 Mr. Shree Kumar; experienced life-coach, renowned motivational speaker and master of EFTT presented his sixth session at SHAFA HOME, Delhi. Today's session was an informative seminar on healthy living. In recent weeks residents had learnt vast amounts of EFTT for psychosomatic ailments but now it was high time for us to consider the nitty-gritty of the human body.
Today’s topic areas included: The optimum diet for the human body and holistic exercise. The session incorporated spiritual knowledge among the body’s physiological functioning.
As the session kicked off, one resident enquired as to how he could ‘combat his tiredness problem’. Mr. Shree commented this was a common problem amongst those who over-exerted their energy, consumed artificial preservatives and did not keep properly hydrated. Want to be naturally buzzing with energy? Ditching coffee and red-bull helps! Fruit and vegetables are great ways to overcome lethargy due to energy-boosting minerals and vitamins contained in these eatables. Since our body is 70% water, it is crucial to keep hydrated. Water helps our concentration and eradicates tiredness, it also flushes the body’s toxins out...greatly diminishing the chances of contracting minor infections.

As the session progressed, many of us were downright shocked to learn paneer contains trace amounts of plaster-of-Paris in order to retain its firm, spongy consistency. Over time, consumption increases our chances of heart-attack and cancer. Meat and dairy products are a problem too since they upset the acid/alkali balance of the stomach. Excessive acid causes digestion problems and ‘eats away at organ tissue’ Mr. Shree remarkably also proclaimed it is unsafe to consume animal milk, since this milk is specially designed to fortify growth of that particular specie. For a human to drink animal milk may trigger abnormal activity in the pituitary gland which can attribute to unnecessary growth and height. To be honest, some of his arguments seemed a tad far-fetched.  
Mr. Shree has background learning in etheric body healing practises such as acupressure and pranic healing. As our resident’s know the etheric body’s interpenetrates the physical body. Intense, negative feelings are borne in the etheric mind; these sharp negative impulses disturb the energy balance causing physical manifestations, ranging from mild headache all the way up to cancer. Best way to avoid the nasty consequences? Adopt a happy, optimistic and calm frame of mind and perform positive and virtuous deeds. We should love and forgive people more and undertake no animosity.

As the session drew to a close, Mr. Shree taught us a technique to facilitate our awareness of our emotional and physical state, through feeling the heartbeat in our thumb...the rate of our heartbeat is directly affected by our breathing and emotions. If it is going FAST, it needs to be normalized by recognising the source of the Fear, Anger, Sadness and Tension that is cropping up.  Our residents were awestruck by the wealth information that was presented to them. For our residents, recovery is more than ticking months off the calendar. Not simply is it a restorative rejuvenation and learning journey, but also a resurrection...breathing life back into our lungs. A huge thank you Mr. Shree Kumar for his ongoing time, dedication and effort with our residents!  

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