Saturday, June 21, 2014

Achieving emotional release through love: The liberating elixir of life

On Friday 13th June 2014, residents at SHAFA HOME Delhi had their fourth session with Mr. Shree Kumar, experienced life-coach, renowned motivational speaker and master of EFTT. Today’s session was all about 'finding personal freedom through love'. Like last week, the session took on a discursive format then transitioned to practical work. Today we considered love and its impact upon the individual. Love means different things to different people, for some these four letters evoke severe emotional disturbance, re-opening old wounds allowing unpleasant memories of the past to flood in…But enough of this negativity we think!!
It’s time to close that chapter of our lives and re-view love as a transformational force that begets mental and emotional liberation. Ever heard the saying “love can set you free?” Mr. Shree certainly has and wants us to see that too! Love, when harnessed and channeled in a proper and effective manner can be the force that breaks the vice-like chokehold our irrational and negative self-talk has on us; once and for all.  

 In our active substance use, our perception of what love was had become deeply skewed. We didn’t know what meaningful love was anymore. This is one, clear hard fact Mr. Shree did not have to tell us, we knew it for ourselves from past experience. Was it people? Was it possessions? Was it obsession?  Over time, our definition of love had become progressively cheap, superficial and one-dimensional. We threw the world “love” about like kids throw cricket balls. In active using, love was something exclusively interrelated with our hedonistic, self-seeking lifestyle; we loved the physical effect of our drug of choice, we loved people who gratified us physically, we loved money, we loved substance-enabling situations. Honestly speaking, love resided in the pursuit and consumption of our addiction.
 Based on resident’s experiences and Mr. Shree’s expertise, the fact of the matter we had muddied the pure and beautiful attributions of love. Love in our minds was basic, crude and self-gratifying. This session invited us to go beyond physical dimensions of thinking; today we embarked on thinking on a spiritual level. When Mr. Shree made his signature serene entrance into the ‘asha grah’ hall. Many of our residents felt initially cynical that they would be investigating “love-shuv” nonsense…Amongst the smirks and rolls of eyes it seemed to be that many feared to enter its territory. Rest assured, Mr. Shree’s cool, calm grace put our whirling minds at rest. He started is session in his signatory way:  relating from personal experience. He explained that when he was younger he had also faced a lot of emotionally scarring events. He nearly traded his hope for permanent misery, but one pertinent and powerful thing stopped him dead in his tracks. Our wide-eyed residents wanted to know what his magic was!
This is when we learnt our first key lesson of the session: Shree Ji kept his heart and mind open to miracles. God’s benevolence and mercy sends these miracles to save us! Despite life mercilessly battering him with misfortune, he kept his mind positively tuned to receive insight and knowledge to sail through his troublesome times. Against all odds Mr. Shree survived his bleaker moments to become the respected success he is today! How did he do it? By practicing meditation and staying receptive to higher knowledge, keeping faith in better times to come! Meditation allows an individual to still his racing mind in order become spiritually receptive to knowledge from higher realms. Meditation is looking for God within ourselves. God and love are synonymous concepts. World-over God is the supreme and everlasting source of love. Within every single human being is His divine spark, so in this way we are all mirrors of each other wherein God’s beauty and magnificence radiates all around us. When we can learn to open our eyes to the world around us, then we are able to listen to our intuition to find new ways of thinking and behaving. 
 Love is when we endeavor to see God outside of ourselves. In our fellows, in weather, in nature…God permeates and resides in everything. When we are appreciating and respecting His creation in a noble and dignified way, this is true, mature and sincere love. Loving is the highest and most creative form of energy. Love can make a person more caring, compassionate and empathetic towards others. When people are better able to understand their peers, then they can help others and simultaneously become willing to receive help from others. We all need assistance to move forward in life. Once we break down our self-defense barriers and allow help to pour in, then we can emotionally and mentally grow into the people we yearn to be! Strong, positive, cheerful and peaceful. Those qualities we thought we would never be able to emanate and achieve actually come to exist within us. Seriously!!  
Mr. Shree also told us that within love lies forgiveness. When an individual starts loving, they start releasing themselves from their self-imposed incarceration by being kind and merciful with their inner-self. Since addicts spend unnecessary lengthy amounts of time carrying an immense amount of guilt upon their shoulders, we felt it would be incredibly beneficial if we could learn how to heal ourselves of this problem – As the session progressed into the EFTT practice, one of our courageous residents volunteered himself to work alongside Mr. Shree at the front of the group.
Today residents went beyond physical healing and attempted to use EFTT to heal psychological problems. Through an NLP practice called “re-framing” he was encouraged to view that particular moment in his life which evoked his intense shame and guilt, as if it was being projected on an auditorium screen and he was a spectator. Then he was to imagine he had a smaller double of himself whom he was relaying love and forgiveness to. The second part of this exercise involved EFTT. A unique set-up statement dedicated to the day’s topic was repeated for 5 cycles with full gusto by all participants. Avinash was amazed to see that his prior guilt rating of 8 had diminished to 3. Not only had the session been a great success for him, it had also been a worthwhile investment of time for the rest of our residents, judging by the warm hugs and genuine appreciations flying round the hall! - “Love truly makes man a better and kinder human being”.   

 All-in-all, this session was a fantastic blend of both cognitive analysis and spiritual thinking, our participants were challenged to break with their old and rigid notions. Burying old hatchets and embracing our brothers and sisters is the ultimate. If understood properly, love can become a super-powerful adhesive, able to re-attach all the fragmented and splintered pieces of our self-esteem and confidence; remodeling us into new individuals. No matter how many times we may have fallen over in the past, it is never to late to pick ourselves up and move on! Our ongoing thanks go to Mr. Shree Kumar for his time, effort and dedication with our residents at SHAFA HOME. 

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