Tuesday, June 10, 2014

'Pranic Healing' – Recovery through harnessing the power of Life Energy...

Over the last two months, residents at SHAFA HOME, Delhi have been attending 'pranic healing' learning sessions hosted by the Delhi-based Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust. Our sessions occur twice a week for an hour, wherein all residents and staff members take part. Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana (life energy or “the breath of life”) to heal the entire physical body. Prana exists and is transmitted through the sun, wind and earth. We have a physical body and an ‘etheric’ (energy) body, this body interpenetrates the physical one. Conventional medical science focuses solely on healing the physical body, while pranic healing works on the healing etheric body. Through collecting, channeling and transmitting prana, we heal the diseased area in the etheric body. By healing the etheric body, the physical body gets healed simultaneously. Pranic healing is not based on any occult magic; rather it is based on natural science.
Bodily ailments such as the common cold, joint pain, asthma, broken bones etc. as well as a variety of other physical problems can be effectively healed through this holistic approach. Studies have even reported that people with major illnesses and diseases such as infertility, TB, cancer etc. have shown to make mind-blowing improvements.  
This approach to pain reduction and physical healing is an alternative to medical science, which often involves the patient having to rely on chemical methods of curing ailments. Pranic healing does not promote this whatsoever; it focuses on harmonizing the body's natural prana balance. From a spiritual point of view, prana congestion in the etheric form is the core reason behind the physical body not being able to function optimally.
At first, when our residents came to hear that they would be given the chance to discover the cosmic energy of life, many were left a little baffled and confused...What on earth was this “airy-fairy, hippie” nonsense? How could we possibly integrate this into our daily treatment programme? We then met with our visiting teachers. They enthusiastically and charismatically convinced us that in no time we would become students of divine science and masters in healing our own illnesses. A few raised eyebrows could be seen, low murmurs could be heard...”could this actually work?...let’s give this a try anyway”.                 
Our teachers explained to the residents that Pranic Healing consists of a series of physical and emotional healing techniques; ranging from ‘Invocative prayer’, ‘Divine Healing affirmations’, ‘Super-brain Yoga’, ‘Meditation on Twin Hearts’ and to more specialized practices such as ‘Prana Absorption’ ‘Scanning the Etheric Body’ and ‘Prana Transmission’. These exercises are designed to deplete localised areas within the body of excess prana accumulation. Around the room, bioplasmic waste disposal units consisting of Quartz crystal, sea-salt and mineral water are placed around the room to absorb the diseased prana which is drawn out of the body.  
Our residents were so impressed by ‘Super-brain Yoga’ that they have incorporated it into their daily morning routine as a way to energize, vitalize and invigorate themselves to face their day.  
When asked for feedback, many of our residents have expressed that over these 4 weeks, many have noticed an improved concentration span, lower stress and anger levels, regularised blood pressure, a decrease in digestion problems, as well as improved sleeping. Residents experiencing physical pain also commented that the intensity had dramatically reduced with each session.
Residents who did not entertain any spiritual beliefs prior to these sessions have commenced upon a regular routine of elementary meditation and prayer to a “Power greater than themselves”. At SHAFA we feel this is a fantastic change to have occurred since the SHAFA philosophy puts a belief in a Higher Power at the forefront of recovery. These residents have remarked that they feel more peaceful and accepting of themselves and more accommodating towards their peers and mentally resilient to deal with stressful situations they encounter.     
It is evident to declare that pranic healing has so far, been a resounding success among our initially cynical members.

 We are opening curious minds to a totally different method of pain-reduction and healing, which in the past they may have relied on chemical substances to control. We eagerly anticipate these sessions continuing into the future as they offer a unique and useful tool within the recovery treatment process. We feel that 'Pranic Healing' perfectly complements SHAFA’s treatment programme. It fits with our ethos of harnessing the power of the mind to combat life's inevitable problems. This is why it has such a major appeal amongst all of us. Our continuing gratitude and thanks is sent to Master Choa Kok Sui (Pranic Healing’s founder) and the Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust!  
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