Thursday, June 19, 2014

In Pursuit Of Moksha Through Inner Happiness by Mr. Shree

In the last fortnight Mr. Shree Kumar, experienced life-coach, renowned motivational speaker and master of EFTT has presented two sessions at SHAFA HOME, Delhi regarding the 'meaning of happiness' and 'finding personal freedom through love'. These sessions lasted for 2-3 action-packed hours incorporating discussion, question and answer and practical EFTT (Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique).     
 As addicts, we have subconsciously 'hard-wired' our brain to perceive, consume and digest the negative aspects of life and totally become oblivious to the great opportunities life throws at us. All the resentment, pain, anger, hurt, shame and guilt that used to bubble away inside us could not seemingly be subdued without a drink or a drug. The vitriolic poison we had fed ourselves and our seething resentment against the world gifted upon us salient ongoing justifications to continue using our substance. We were walking around with our eyes tightly shut to reality…even now in recovery, many residents wonder exactly what happiness looks like. It is all well and good to say we love [whatever it is we love] and feel happy [doing whatever it is we do]…but the real question etched on our pensively contemplated faces is…”how did love and happiness free us to achieve our potential?” We felt it was high-time for Mr. Shree to bestow upon us some of his pearls of wisdom.
The session initially began on a discursive level and then slowly transitioned into “hands-on” EFTT practice. Braving the intense humidity, our residents were not deterred to put in their very best effort to stay awake and alert...residents discussed their happiest moments in life and what their personal definition of “happiness” was. Many of the residents gave the typical answers of “being with family, opening their own business, being rich” etc. But these were all generic answers. Mr. Shree urged us to think out of the box; to delve below these surface level explanations…
Mr. Shree recalled his fascinating personal experiences. It became evident to see that below his calm and composed demeanour, he had also faced some intensely rocky patches in his life, nearly throwing his life severely off-course. Threats of infertility and a near-on collision with alcohol addiction did not force him throw in the towel and admit defeat. He embraced life’s challenges and proactively sought to find solutions to his problems. Mr. Shree never resigned himself to doom and gloom. Through placing mind-over-matter, he freed himself from his seemingly impossible troubles through the practice of EFTT (emotional freedom tapping technique) and by remembering the blessings, life was continuously giving him. This need to ‘constantly see the positive side of all negative situations’ is what he was emphatically conveying to our fresh battalion of soldiers. Happiness lies in facing, fighting and conquering challenges and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.
 Our residents were visibly moved by his earnest and humble admission that despite life’s hard knocks, Shree Ji never rendered himself to being a “loser” or a “failure”. Happiness for him did not lie in materialistic pursuits; it wasn’t how much money he earned, or owning a Rolex watch or Lamborghini… One astute young resident chipped in with his opinion. For him “happiness is the feeling of contentment and buoyancy without relying on an external, temporary stimulus…when he would stop relying on his friends, family, and teachers etc. to validate his greatness would be the day he achieves total, unbridled happiness”.
Our residents then moved into the EFTT part of the session. After taking feedback from last week’s experiences, Shree Ji embarked on creating a new set-up statement geared around the day’s topic and discussion…”right now, today, at this very moment…even though I had fallen to great lows in the past and destroyed my happiness, I accept myself, love myself and open myself to new insights and new possibilities in life…I will find my happiness within myself and appreciate how life is shaping me…” Our resident’s were asked to give their initial physical and emotional tension rating on a scale of one to ten – 7 was the average. After 3 cycles that number reduced to 3 or 4. EFTT had been a great success for our residents today. Not only did it get them up and active on their feet, it re-affirmed their sense of capability and self-reliance. EFTT at a practical level is a cognitive way to ‘short-circuit’ our deep-rooted negative thought patterns. These negative thought patterns manifest on a physical level; psychosomatically causing ailments and pains in the body. The session closed with all residents embracing each other with hugs and appreciative words of encouragement and hope. After all, to keep it you have to give it away!
Essentially, "it all starts in the mind". Whatever seems to occur in our lives is a direct consequence of how we decide to channel our thoughts. After all, a well-known ‘neuro-linguistic programming’ (NLP) maxim proclaim “where thought goes, energy flows”. Feeling happy is a decision only we can make for ourselves, no-one else can give ‘happiness’ to us on a silver-platter. Consider this analogy…Life throws everyone lemons, but the fact of the matter is, wise people choose to utilise those lemons to make sweet lemonade. Others absentmindedly choose to chomp through the acrid rind and swallow its eye-wateringly unpleasant juice, unaware of the fact lemonade can be made. Life is a succession of choices and actions. Happiness lies in selecting the most fruitful choices that can bring us opportunities to triumph at life. Once we initially open our rusty floodgates and allow joy and positivity to enter our lives, we will be pleasantly surprised with the successive oncoming presentation of life’s beautiful gifts for us!
A warm and sincere vote of thanks to Mr. Shree Kumar for presenting an endearing and super-engaging session from all of us at SHAFA HOME.    

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