Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shafa Residents at “European Film Festival” ……………….. Surprised ! ! ! ! !

We have been updating you about our activities through videos. Hope you are abreast with it and liking them too. But from your feedback's and comments we realized that our film making skills are not upto the mark and needed lot of improvement.

To horn our skills and to understand the art of film – making; our Creative and Business Development team visited a “European Film Festival” and watched few movies there. They went there to understand the art of film – making, shooting a movie, how documentaries are shot, how script is prepared and different angles and  lights to be used during filming. Shafa Graduates and few re-entry residents had this life time experience. Although, it was their first day, yet they plan to visit the festival on other days too. Hope you notice and observe our new skills and learning from the new videos which you will receive.

Residents need to learn new skills to keep pace with this world and not lag behind in any field. That should be the ultimate goal of any successful treatment.  

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