Monday, March 19, 2012

Rang Barse - Showering Colours!

It was Holi - "the festival of colors" and Holi during addiction meant “license to use drugs”. But we at Shafa break this myth and celebrate  Holi without the use of any mood altering substance.

This time the preparations for this day had started a week back. Deciding the menu, ordering sweets and buying organic colours. Celebrations started one day earlier with Choti Holi. Prayers were held according to the Hindu religious beliefs, followed by HOLIKA DAHAN - burning of fire, symbolizing the victory with a dance night as final culmination of the day.

The next day was “Holi”, the main day. The day of rubbing colours on each other. Residents were excited from their wake-up, with big smiles on their face. The sounds of 100 residents echoed in the whole environment, wishing each other Happy Holi. The excitement, the happiness and the feeling of togetherness could be seen in putting colours on each other, lifting each other and throwing them in a pond of water mixed with colours. In between residents enjoyed fruits and sweets. The residents experienced something new today - celebration and enjoyment is possible even without drugs.

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