Saturday, March 3, 2012

Killing the Curiosity

What do you understand by the different  ‘stages’ of  treatment for addiction? What is  the treatment all about? How does a resident go through changes during these various ‘stages’ and what makes them understand those changes?

During one of the family association meetings, all these curiosities were answered  by the staff and the re-entry residents of SHAFA. The families were detailed about the three stages that an individual goes through and the re- entry residents shared their experiences and talked about the learning’s that one goes through these each ‘stage’. They explained the similarities between the different role of an individual while they were at home, as a father, brother, husband etc. and their roles they perform in SHAFA family as a General Worker, HOD, Chief and finally as a Co-ordinator.
In the end, they talked about the role of SHAFA and of families in helping the resident to stay in recovery after treatment. All this resulted in clearing their myths and perceptions about treatment. This helped their faith to grow and gave them a hope that one day their most near and dear ones, who are today known as addicts, will have a very bright and beautiful life waiting for them.

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