Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Ties....... the Bonds get Stronger.

This time it was their day to celebrate 27th Wedding Anniversary in SHAFA, amongst SHAFA FAMILY members. Parents of one of the re-entry residents, Saurabh, decided to make their bond of love and togetherness stronger with SHAFA Family.

It was really a happy but strange feeling. Resident’s celebration can be explained but what made them decide to come, celebrate and share their happiness with us. We really value this emotion, we felt overwhelmed, we were privileged to have them among us.
The best part of the celebration was when they enacted their marriage ceremony performed 27 years earlier, in the traditional Indian way of exchanging  garlands. This was an ecstatic moment for everyone.

In the end they thanked everyone, gave their blessings to all the residents and left with tear in their eyes. They were tears of happiness and hope. 

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