Friday, February 18, 2011

Your interest keeps us going…

We are having visitors on the 21st of February 18, 2011. Fifty college girls from Jajjhar showed their interest in our activities. This is a part of their sensitization towards social issues.

Today it was like when guests are expected in our homes. First came the planning part, assigning duties, making arrangements and shopping. Everything was done by the residents from junior to senior. Still a lot needs to be done, cleaning the whole house, getting things in order, who will do the welcome address, explaining activities of Shafa with their goal and objectives in mind etc.

Such events are encouraged at Shafa. Residents feel a sense of responsibility and feel re-united back to the society. This way they feel like they are giving it back. They convey their well-being and that they are one amongst all of us. Thereby, the perception about recovery addicts gets differently changed. They are viewed as a whole person.

Maybe one day, we have you as a visitor too…..we would welcome that.

Keep giving us your love.

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