Saturday, February 12, 2011

27th of January 2011 - The sad demise of Shri. M. L. Dhar

The whole world of Shafa came to a momentary abrupt halt as the evening of the 27th of January 2011 brought the news of the sad demise of Babuji (Shri M. L. Dhar), the President of the Shafa foundation and Shri Ranjan Dhar’s father. All of a sudden things changed.
Ranjan Ji said, “We don’t value things till we lose them. I lost my father on the 27th, and it was only then that I realized the void which was created by his abrupt demise.
My father, Babuji, as everyone used to call him with reverence, love and respect, was a karamyogi in true words. He served everyone with great humility and without ever discussing it. Hundreds got benefitted from his benevolent deeds. People from the farthest joined us in our mourning period. He would always forgive everyone for everything and advised us too to never talk bad about anyone, even about those who gave us any harm.
I personally learnt a lot from him, he was my strength, my ideal, he showed me the way and guided me through bad times. The most important thing which he taught me was patience. Today I really wish I could learn even more from him.
I am very closely associated with both my parents. When Babuji was lying in the hospital during his last journey, I really felt helpless. I wasn’t able to do much for him. I cried silently for him, my heart still cries for him. Even while writing this I feel the pang of pain inside me. But I know that my father has gone to meet the Ultimate Lord, the Supreme Father. May his soul rest in peace.”
Personally, since I met him, I never saw Ranjan Ji taken aback and distressed like this. Although I didn’t see him crying but I could feel the tears flowing within him.
There was a unique thing that I saw and would like to mention here. During the funeral, while Ranjan Ji sat silent, broken down and helpless by the pyre and I saw another Babuji in the making. I saw Shivi hugging Ranjan Ji as someday Ranjan Ji might have hugged his Babuji.
May God bless his noble and eternal soul - Shri M. L. Dhar (13th of September 1935 till 27th of January 2011)

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